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4FRNT Aretha

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Conditions: Soft Chop, Tracked Out, 6” fresh, Groomed

On the Snow Feel: The 4FRNT Aretha is a damp and stable ski with a responsive and playful side.

Powder: The 4FRNT Aretha is 106mm underfoot and with a full reverse camber profile could be really fun in soft snow and deep powder. Our testers thought it had a really playful side, and was very maneuverable at any speed.

Turn Initiation and Carving: Turn initiation was relatively easy and once on edge it was stable and damp. The ski is very playful when bases are flat, but once on edge had a surprising amount of stability and edge hold. It’s a really fun soft snow ski that was responsive and decently energetic. It’s not a carving specialist by any means, but could be good for those looking for a responsive soft snow ski that feels at home on edge.

Speed: The 4FRNT felt damp and stable at speed. Even in the shorter length our ladies found that it held up really well.

Uneven/Variable Terrain: This ski really feels at home in soft snow and tracked out variable. It has a full rocker profile that makes it really easy to pivot and maneuver. It was fun to slash turns in soft snow, and when coming in fast on edge the ski holds up pretty well.

Bottom Line: Our ladies thought the 4FRNT Aretha was the closest to a quiver of one ski for its size. It’s a ski that is damp and stable and really likes speed. At the same time it has a very fun and playful feel and is really at home in soft snow. It wouldn’t be great on firm groomers, but has enough edge hold and stability to get you back to the lift.

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